Our Process

A Movement prescription, customized just for you.

MINDFUL MOVEMENT – Activate the Mind, Move the Body 
  • Mission: Become crystal clear on why you want to be healthy.
  • Vision: What do you want your life and body to feel like? What are you no longer willing to tolerate?  Decide that your health and life are worth finding a workable strategy and making the effort.
  • Think about where and why you feel the way you feel. Who do you have to be? What do you have to do? How do you achieve your vision of health?
  • Core Values: Motivation, Desire, Reflection, Courage to overcome fear, Decision to seek an expert team to help.
MOVEMENT FUNDAMENTALS – Daily Dose for Health & Vitality
  • Mission: Get moving! Start here with these Simple Six Exercises. 10 minutes to achieving better health and becoming or staying active.
  • Core Values: Overcome indecision.
  • Foundation: Simple Movement Exercises -like brushing your teeth but for your muscles.
MOVEMENT ANALYTIX – Your Body’s Report Card
  • Mission: Identify & develop a prioritized plan to solve your biggest physical challenges & get you moving.
  • Functional Movement Evaluation to identify the where & why of your chronic pain & stiffness, and the likely spots of future Injuries.
  • Like a crystal ball for you, those you care about, your family, or team members.
  • Core Values: Functional Movement Analysis, Workplace Wellness.
  • Foundation: Movement Diagnosis. Group Evaluation. Report Card.
MOVEMENT RX PAIN relief – Freedom From Pain
  • Mission: Restoring Function. Solving Pain. Providing Freedom.
  • Core Values:
  • Accurate & complete diagnosis
  • Restore range of motion.
  • Balance & increase strength,
  • Manage load to heal & sustain the ability live life on your terms
MOVEMENT EMPOWERED – Herbal + Solutions
  • Mission: Using a Nature First, Drugs-last approach to accelerate healing, restore function, and energize your body.
  • Core Values:
    • Plants have healing powers – Phytotherapy.
    • Energy -an important measure of how we feel.
    • Healthy Relationship with Food
  • What we eat influences how the body functions.
  • Overcome the effects of today’s high-stress lifestyle and increasingly toxic environment
  • Nutrient deficiencies- our soils and foods we eat contain less nutrients.
  • Toxicity- more pollution, including chemical and electromagnetic, today than it ever.
MOVEMENT AWARENESS – Reflect, Support Your Body
  • Mission: Applying Movement Rx Principles to everyday activity for long-term health.
  • Core Values: Education. Healthy choices. Implementing load management principles.
  •  Support products & tools – sole supports orthotics, pillows, light therapy, sit-stand desk, understanding one’s body & limits.
Movement Star: Shine & Share Your Story
  • Mission: To share in your journey & story as you become a Movement Star – enjoying life pain-free as you pursue happiness.
  • Highlight the journey and story of our patients’ path to success using the Movement Rx approach. Do you know anyone that would benefit from knowing your story and using the Movement Rx system?
  • Core Values: Results. Share. Journey. Story. Care. Shine. Referral. Testimonial.

Step 1: Consultation

Meet directly with our doctors to determine if you will benefit from our Movement Rx custom approach. If so then move forward to step 2.

Step 2: Examination, Diagnosis, Report of Findings: Movement Analytix: Your Bodies Report Card

Use the information from the consultation to tailor a customized examination to find your problem.  After collecting the data from the examination we will establish a complete and accurate diagnosis. The visit will finish with an explanation of your problem and what we need to do to fix it.

Step 3: Treatment: Movement Rx Pain Relief

Our treatment depends on your diagnosis. Our specialty finding and fixing muscle adhesion.

Muscle adhesion is like glue in your muscle. It makes muscles less flexible and weaker.

Example of treatment:

Once muscle function is restored. Then we strengthen the area with specific exercises (Movement Fundamentals).

Throughout the treatment process we constantly evaluate what you are asking your body to do, and what it is ready for, providing regular load management advice to get you healthy and help you have the awareness to stay that way for long term health.

Step 4: Accelerate Healing Process: Movement Empowered

Where there is pain, there is frequently inflammation, lack of blood flow or structural degeneration. We prefer a Nature first, drugs last, approach to healing, using herbs and nutrition to accelerate the healing process from the inside out.